Airport to Amaroo

Coaches will run from the Brisbane International and Domestic Airport to Ivory’s Rock Conventions & Events Centre (Amaroo) from 7am to 8.30pm on Saturday 9th September and Sunday 10th September. If you are arriving outside of these hours please contact the Helpdesk.

Amaroo to the Airport

Coaches will depart from Ivory’s Rock Conventions & Events Centre (Amaroo) on Friday 15th September one hour after the last event until 8.00pm and on Saturday 16th September from 4am until 2.30pm.


Directions to Coaches at Airport

You will be met at the airport by an Airport Co-ordinator who will greet you and direct you towards your coach.


At Brisbane International airport:

turn left as you enter the arrivals hall (after Customs)

proceed to the end of the hall

proceed down the ramp signed Buses and Coaches to where your bus will be waiting.

At Brisbane Domestic airport:

exit the airport building and take the travelator or lift to the Skywalk (the overhead pedestrian bridge to the carpark)

on the Skywalk keep to the right and on the same level until you reach the sign Buses and Coaches (via lift to L1, via Travelator)

take the travelator or lift to Level 1, where your bus will be waiting.

Instructions On Bus:

The bus driver will load your luggage on the bus according to the colour of your luggage label (see note below).

The bus will take you directly to your campground.

If you need help with Registration at the IRCE Reception, let the bus driver know and the bus will drop you there first.


Please tag your luggage with a large label in the same colour as your campground  (eg: Jacaranda = black, Sandy Creek = Blue, Grey, Green, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Purple or Red). The coloured labels ensure that your luggage is loaded in the correct order on the correct bus. This reduces wait times at the airport and gets you on the road to Amaroo faster!