The event can only accommodate a maximum number of guests safely due to Health and Safety issues. We therefore recommend you register as soon as possible for this unique event so you don’t miss out.

This even is by invitation only for people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge. Please note that children are not allowed onsite.

Before Registering, please, read this:

This year we have a new Registration system. There is an Entry Fee to be paid by everybody attending the event.

You may select Onsite Registration if you are also booking accommodation at Amaroo and staying with us. You are welcomed to book accommodation at Amaroo.

You may select Offsite registration, if you are NOT booking accommodation at Amaroo and instead staying overnight at hotels or making private arrangements.

Why There Are Two Levels of Entry Free

There are a couple of reasons for the different fees for onsite and offsite guests. Onsite guests are supporting Amaroo with the cost of their accommodation, so their entry fee is lower, whereas offsite guests are only paying the entry fee. Also, we are keen to encourage people to stay onsite, as the logistics are difficult with more people staying offsite

For your information, the cost calculation for each guest at Amaroo is about $AU 450 (based on last year’s numbers). This covers provision of clean toilets, fresh water, security, medical, shuttles and all basic services for a simple guest walking in. Last year’s discount price of $AU 180 did not cover the cost of the guest and actually made a loss.

Who Is Eligible For A Discount Entry Fee

Citizens and permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand who are eligible to receive welfare payments, and are in receipt of them, may receive a discounted Entry Fee (Onsite guests AUD350, Offsite guests AUD455). This discount is applied directly online, the person will then need to present their ID at the main gate upon arrival.The most common payments are the Aged Pension, Disability Pension and Unemployment payments (in Australia Newstart Allowance).

People on full time student’s payments are also eligible. This discount is applied directly online, the student will need to present their student ID at the main gate upon arrival.

People may be in receipt of other allowances and, if there is doubt about their eligibility for a discount, it will be referred to the Board of Directors for a decision.

Other people may be in difficult or even dire circumstances but not be eligible for the Newstart allowance and may even be dependent on charitable support. Once again these cases will be referred to the Board of Directors for a decision.

Please send your request directly to the General Enquiries Helpdesk (click here) for a discounted entry fee if you receive another allowance outside of those stated here or are in difficult financial circumstances and not on welfare or student payments.

 Entry Fees:

The payment of an Entry Fee (whether with a discount or not)  is mandatory for all guests.You will need your entry fee payment print-out to be exchanged for your seat ticket at the Seating & Ticketing Booth (no. 26) in the Pavilion and please bring your smart card too. Seat allocations are randomised.

Onsite Guest: (guests booking accommodation and staying at Amaroo)

  • Standard Price $AU 575


Offsite Guest: (guests NOT booking accommodation, not staying at Amaroo)

  • Standard Price $AU 748


Discounted Entry Fee: (only for Australian or NZ aged pensioner, disability pensioner, widows pensioner or full time student)

  • Standard Price  Onsite guest $AU402.50   Offsite guest $AU 523


Day Pass: (one per event day)

  • $AU 115
  • This is available for people who can only attend the event for one or two days. Day passes are now available. You can purchase a day pass each day at Reception, it is NOT available to book online. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee day pass availability; it will depend on the number of attendees who register, as we have a legal limit.


Cancellations Policy

If you cancel prior to or on 20th June 2017 you will be refunded 100% of the cost of your booking. If you cancel after 20th June 2017 and prior to or on 31 July 2017, you will be refunded 80% of the cost of your booking. If you cancel after 31 July 2017, and prior to or on 1st September 2017, you will be refunded 30% of the cost of your booking. If you cancel after 1st September 2017, there will be no refund. All dates are AEST.

Notice of Event Cancellation

Ivory’s Rock Foundation (IRF), as producer of the event, reserves the right to cancel the event due to low enrolment or other circumstances beyond their control which would make the event non-viable, included but not limited to Acts of God, Force Majeure, Earthquake, Flood, Terrorist Acts, War, Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion, etc.

If the event is cancelled IRF does not accept liability for any claim for damages and/or losses whatsoever.

Agreement to be Photographed

This event is being photographed and videotaped. Your attendance at the event constitutes your agreement to be photographed and your permission to have your likeness used in future materials.

Making of Recordings

Photography or recording of presentations and performances is not permitted. Audio and visual materials displayed are subject to copyright laws.


By registering for the event, you are agreeing to conduct yourself in a respectful and courteous manner at all times while you are at IRCE. Management reserves the right to refuse admission at any time.

Registration Details

Please note that after successful registration, you can access your registration details page at any time.
You will need the email address you registered with, together with the registration number (confirmation number) you received in your confirmation email.
You can also retrieve your registration number there, if you have lost it.