Q. Is Special Needs seating located towards the rear of the theatre again this year, and will I have the same seat each day?

A. Yes

Q. Does my carer have to sit with me, or can they use Random Rotational Seating (RRS) once I am  seated in the Special Needs Area?

A. No. They can sit in the Random Rotational Seating area.

Q. If I select Random Rotational Seating (RRS) will I also have access to the Special Needs Rest Tent located in the Pavilion?

A. No. This is only available to guests who require Special Needs seating.

Q. Will Special Needs (SN) have their own transport again this year?

A. Yes. But you will need to purchase one of the offsite bus options – bus from/to Ipswich Hotel or from/to Brisbane – as well as the onsite Amphitheatre bus.

Q. Can my carer use the Special Needs transport rather than using the Amphitheatre bus other attendees use?

A. Yes

Q. Where do we collect our Event and transport tickets from?

A. From the Special Needs Area in the Pavilion. If your carer is using (RRS) they will need to collect their Event ticket from ticketing, also located in the Pavilion.

Q. I have hearing problems. What can I do?

A.  Please bring an FM radio as there will be real time broadcast of English and translations over FM frequencies that you will be able to tune into.

Q. I have vision problems. What can I do?

A. Random Rotational seating does not provide guests with fixed seating (seats change daily).  Monitors will be located in the Special Needs seating area.

Q. I am staying on site. Will the Special Needs (SN) transport take me to the Event from my Campground?

A. Yes, if you have purchased the on-site bus pass to/from Amphitheatre and registered with Special Needs.

Q. I will need a camp site close to toilet / bathroom amenities. Can this be arranged?

A. Yes

Q. I am staying off-site – at the selected Special Needs accommodation in Ipswich/Brisbane what daily transport should I purchase to Amaroo?

A. Purchase one of the offsite bus options –  Bus from/to Ipswich Hotel or Bus from/to Brisbane

Q. What onsite transport should I purchase?

A. The onsite bus to/from Amphitheatre

Q. I have now completed the Special Needs Registration Form, but have not received a response, what should I do?

A. Please check that you have provided us with your correct email address.