Thanks for Your Help

Welcome, all our new and returning volunteers! Thank you for your willingness to help without which these events would not be possible.
For 2017 the team structure is a little different, some team managers will be helping for the first time.  It may be that a role you have fulfilled in the past is replaced or renamed.
Volunteer applications are now open.
If you wish to help at the event, please scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the application process.

Teams & Roles

Please consider which team you would like to help from the list below:

Event Hospitality

  • Accommodation, reception services and quality control
  • Food and Beverages, Catering
  • Customer Services (guest care, reception, meet and greet, bus helpers), Special Needs assistance
  • Ushers


Event Communications

  • Information & helpdesk,
  • Public Relations


Event Operations

  • Logistics for Equipment and Goods.
  • Inventory and equipment Control.
  • Signage set up and take down
  • Transportation
  • Purchasing & Delivery



  • Setup, Takedown, handymen, grounds workers
  • Traffic Management / car parking
  • Signage
  • Chair setup


Event HR /Volunteers

  • Recruiting and Role Descriptions
  • Team HR support
  • Care and welfare


Peak Organics

Peak Organics Farm and Peak Organics shop


Event Finance

  • Purchasing –  orders control
  • Money control onsite
  • Bank


Pavilion Stores

  • General Store
  • Sponsorship
  • Other

Steps to Volunteer

To help at Amaroo we ask that all volunteers including managers and supervisors

  1. Watch the Health and Safety video. Click here.
  2. Accept the event Policies. Click here.
  3. Complete the Helper Form. Click here.


Briefings will help keep you safe and comfortable during your participation at Amaroo.

Helper Form information is provided to teams seeking helpers so they can contact you directly.

It may take some time before all Managers are ready to build their teams.

Follow the Amaroo Facebook page for updates.


Thanks again, look forward to seeing you at Amaroo.