• People and their carers who need to reserve space for a Wheelchair / Electric Scooter in the amphitheatre.
  • People and their carers who need to reserve an easily accessible seat in the Special Needs Area due to health or mobility issues.
  • People who require a cool quiet place to rest between events due to significant health or heat issues.


Important Information

If you need the assistance of a carer while you are at Amaroo please arrange for your carer to accompany you to Amaroo.

Note: Your carer must have learned the techniques of Knowledge and must also register to attend the event.

Our volunteers are unable to assist you between and after events in the pavilion area, camp grounds and in off-site accommodation. If you require assistance during these times please arrange to bring a carer with you.

If you require a mobility aid such as a wheelchair, mobility scooter or walker etc please bring your own as we are unable to supply these.



If you have medical conditions, or require regular medications, we encourage you to bring a letter from your doctor and a list of your medications in case of emergency. Medications which require refrigeration can be taken to the first aid booth for storage ( please ensure that they are clearly labelled with your name). The first aid booth is open from 9th to16th September.


Note: The Special Needs volunteers are not able to provide medical care; this is provided by onsite paramedics.