Special Needs

The Special Needs register is now closed
Special Needs services are now filled to capacity and the register has closed. Our volunteer Special Needs Team looks forward to meeting you soon at Amaroo.  Thank you
Amaroo is a unique natural environment which can be challenging, especially for people with disabilities or health issues. Please seek advice from your medical practitioner about your ability to attend, keeping in mind the extremes of temperature and rough terrain at Amaroo.
COVID has changed the shape of events worldwide. Here at Amaroo our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our guests.

At Amaroo 2022 support for Special Needs guests will include:

  • designated parking in the car park close to the main entry
  • increased on site transport
  • a shade tent with socially distanced seating
  • fixed seating in the Amphitheatre
Special Needs includes those guests in a wheelchair or electric scooter. In addition, those with difficulty getting on a bus and/or limited ability to walk short distances without assistance. If this applies to you, you will be eligible for Special Needs support.
Due to the difficulties of getting around on site, we strongly recommend that you arrange for a support person to accompany you to Amaroo.

How to Register for Special Needs

Special Needs Register is now closed.  We are at full capacity with the bus and our other services. Thank you.


For all your Special Needs accommodation requests or enquiries, please contact Accommodation on the Help Desk page. The Special Needs team cannot assist with Accommodation questions.


Please note: By registering for Special Needs you agree to be seated within the designated Special Needs area of the amphitheatre, with your carer if required. You will be seated in the same seat throughout the event. You will not have access to the rotated event seating.


There will be a low floor bus provided for Special Needs (SN) guests who complete the SN register on the website. Please only register for SN if you have mobility issues that makes it difficult for you to climb steps into a bus. This is a free service.
If you need transport up the hill to the Amphitheatre, there will be shuttle buses provided by general transport.
The SN bus will transport guests from the Welcome Hall in a circuit that includes a pick up point at Jacaranda, Sandy Creek Campgrounds and the Pavilion.
The same bus will transport Special Needs guests to the Amphitheatre for the event
A van to transport wheelchairs will be provided for SN guests who complete the SN register on the website. This will complete a similar circuit from the Welcome Hall including the Jacaranda and Sandy Creek Campgrounds. The van will carry Special Needs guests in wheelchairs to a backstage entry to the Amphitheatre.
For general transport around the site including to the Amphitheatre, there will be buses circulating on site. This does not require you to register with Special Needs and is free.
Offsite transport is provided by general transport. You can book offsite transport when you Register. You can also add transport to your existing booking.  Special Needs is not providing any offsite transport.

Q.  Is SN seating located towards the rear of the theatre and will I have the same seat each day?

Yes, you will be allocated the same seat for each day.  The seating will be in a similar location as for previous events.

Q.  Does my carer have to sit with me or can they use Random Rotational Seating (RRS) once I am seated in the SN Area?

Your carer may choose to sit with you or in the Random Rotational Seating area.

Q.  Will SN have their own transport this year?

Yes. Lo-floor buses will be provided on site only.

Q.  Can my carer use the SN transport rather than the Amphitheatre bus other attendees use?

Yes, your carer can travel with you on the SN bus.

Q.  Where do we pick up our SN wristbands from?

From the SN shade tent in the Pavilion. If your carer is using the RRS they will need to collect their Event ticket from the appropriate booth in the Pavilion.

Q.  I am staying on site. Will the SN transport take me to the Event from my Campground?

There will be a SN bus pick up point at Jacaranda and Sandy Creek campgrounds for Special Needs guests.

Q.  I have now completed the SN Registration Form, but have not received a response, what should I do?

You should have received an automatic response. Please check that you have provided us with your correct email address and also check your spam folder.

Q.  Can you supply a wheelchair or mobility aid for me to use on-site?

We are unable to supply mobility aids. If you require one, please bring it with you.

Q.  How do I contact the Amaroo Special Needs Team?

Please send a message from the Helpdesk

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