• Amaroo 2022!

Welcome to Amaroo!

This event has now concluded. 
Ivory's Rock Foundation looks forwarding to inviting best selling author Prem Rawat, to speak at the next Amaroo Peace Event.  Stay tune for details!
Take time out to nurture your inner strengths & deepen your understanding of peace.
5 full days to enjoy, all within the beautiful surrounds of Ivory's Rock!
Registration is now closed 
The invitation to attend Amaroo is for people who have already learned Prem Rawat’s techniques of self-knowledge. For more information please go to PEAK


Ivory’s Rock
310 Mt Flinders Rd, Peak Crossing
Queensland,  Australia 4306

Stay on-site

Amaroo is not your ordinary camping experience!

Stay on-site 

Amaroo is not your ordinary camping experience! 
Wake to a chorus of birds and end the day with a magnificent star filled sky. You may even meet a wallaby or koala in your campground!
Amaroo is what it is today, because of the support of people like you. By choosing to stay on-site you are financially ensuring the on-going vision for Amaroo, enabling it to continue and to grow.

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Most overseas visitors need a visa to gain entry to Australia. Please make sure you obtain the correct visa.  If you need a support letter for your visa, please see the Registration page.
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