September is spring in Queensland. Although it is not a particularly wet month, rain can occur.
The average maximum daytime temperature is 26° Celsius (79° Fahrenheit) 
The average minimum evening temperature is 9° Celsius (48° Fahrenheit)
The long range forecast is looking very promising for Amaroo, with a low chance of rain over the event period. No prediction can be absolutely accurate so although it looks like it will be dry please still come prepared for rain. 
Here is the link to the Peak Crossing weather. Scroll down to the blue bar, and click on the Long Range Rainfall tab.
If you pack for a wide range of weather conditions you will have a comfortable time. Pack clothes that will take you from a hot afternoon to a cold evening. Clothes you can layer are the best choice. Whether you are staying onsite or not, see the suggested list "What to bring"
Amaroo’s environment and climate can be demanding. The grounds are designed for walking and there is limited transport onsite. We suggest that you wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a hat, bottled water and a jacket to all event activities. A UV 50+ umbrella provides cool shade when walking to and from the Amphitheatre in the heat of the day.  When the sun sets, it can become cold so make sure you pack a warm waterproof jacket.

Information Booth

The Information booth will be operational from 3 September, and is located in the Pavilion at shop 29. The team is there to help with your questions. The Booth also provides a Lost and Found service as well as notice boards with the day’s event schedules.

Internet Access

Free Wifi will be available at the pavilion and most campgrounds. 

Cash Onsite

Please change your money into Australian dollars prior to arriving onsite.
There will be ATMs available. No personal cheques or travellers cheques will be accepted onsite.


Help us care for the environment and the waste bill by using the Recycling Bins situated by the posts of the main Dome in the Pavilion. 


Amaroo and COVID - please read the detailed information on the COVID page
Paramedics and an ambulance will be located on site to respond to first aid needs and medical emergencies. There will also be a professionally trained Covid team of medical staff to test and assist people who test positive to Covid.
There will be a First Aid Booth in the Pavilion, which will operate from Saturday 3 to Saturday 10 September. Non-emergency medical problems will be referred to offsite medical practitioners at your expense.
Apart from snakes, a variety of insects exist in the ecology, including ticks, wasps, ants, spiders and bees. If you have allergic reactions to bites and stings, please bring medications as recommended by your physician.  
Snakes and other creatures prefer to live in the bushland and tend to avoid humans. Do not walk in long grass and keep to the pathways and roads. To avoid being bitten by ants or ticks, do not lie down on the lawns - always use a picnic rug.
If you require medication, please bring an adequate supply. Medication requiring refrigeration can be stored at the First Aid booth.
Personal travel insurance with coverage for medical, surgical, and emergency travel is strongly recommended. If you have a pre-existing medical condition seek advice from your doctor before travelling. Attendees are responsible for all costs relating to their medical and health matters.
We hope you find this list of key items useful when packing.
Choose clothes for a wide range of temperatures that are light to carry, which you can layer – taking you from a warm/hot afternoon to a cool/cold night comfortably.
Label your Luggage – tag with the colour of your campground & number of your cabin or tent.
  • Smart Card
  • Covid - Masks, hand sanitiser, personal Tests. Read more Covid Info
  • Sun – A wide brimmed hat – UV 50+ umbrella significantly reduces heat – Refillable water bottle – Sunglasses – Sunblock, Lip Balm
  • Walking –  Comfortable enclosed walking shoes – Waterproof boots for wet weather – Crocs for bathroom – Torch / Flashlight (& spare batteries)
  • Clothes –  Clothes you can layer,  T-shirts, light long sleeved shirts – Warm waterproof jacket for night time – beanie/hat/scarf/shawl /jumper for cold nights –  Long pants - Thermal clothing.
  • Rain – Rain poncho – umbrella - waterproof boots.
  • Sleep – Earplugs – Sleep Mask – Pyjamas – Dressing Gown
  • Insects – Personal insect repellent – spray for your tent
  • Toiletries – please do not use anti-bacterial products as this affects the onsite sewage treatment plant – Personal first aid kit
  • Extra – prescription medications – Spare pair of prescription glasses
  • Event – FM radio with headset for translation & English hearing enhancement
  • Recharge – International plugs for electrical equipment, – phone recharger – cords
  • Towel – only if you are staying in Swagman or in Twin Pioneer Tent
  • Blankets - if you are staying in Swagman

What not to bring

  • Weapons of any kind are not permitted onsite at Amaroo.
  • Ivory's Rock is fully licensed. Australian licensing laws prohibit guests from bringing any alcohol onsite.
  • Do not bring illicit illegal drugs. You will be asked to leave.

Guests are asked to be very water conscious at all times, using as little water as possible.  Ivory’s Rock has it’s own onsite Sewage Treatment Plant.

Take care of the  Sewage Treatment Plant by:

  • Not flushing personal hygiene products, wrappings or applicators
  • Not flushing cleaning cloths (e.g. rags, chux, wet wipes, etc)
  • Not flushing paper towels
  • Don’t allow any unapproved chemicals to enter the sewerage system (sewage water cartridges from motor-homes)

Save water usage by:

  • Trying your best to have three-minute showers
  • Turn off the sink taps while brushing your teeth
  • Report leaking taps or cisterns to the campground management

If you need translation or English hearing enhancement, please bring an FM radio that has headphones and can receive FM frequencies from 87.7 to 108 MHz.  A radio with a digital display is best for tuning.

Translation will be provided in these languages:

Hindi,  Spanish,  Tamil,  French,  Japanese,  Italian,  Mandarin,  German

Please note: Despite our best efforts, there is only one Translator for Italian and one Translator for Tamil.
Please be aware that some of the events may not be translated into those two languages. It will be too much for one person to translate all the events over 5 days. Thank you.

Ivory's Rock is committed to ensuring the safety of all guests.

Ivory's Rock has requested Queensland Police regularly patrol the roads in the vicinity of IRCE and help to ensure that there is:

  • No unauthorised entry to Ivory's Rock from any point along the perimeter.
  • No parking of vehicles at any time along Mt Flinders Road or Dunrad Road to facilitate the safe movement of vehicle traffic.
  • No overnight parking on Mt Flinders Road or Dunrad Road.
  • No littering or unauthorised disposal of waste or other materials on Mt Flinders Road or Dunrad Road. Any littering attempt may be prosecuted.

Police may also carry out spot checks for alcohol and drugs. Please ensure you have a nominated non-drinking driver if you plan to consume alcohol while at Ivory's Rock and drive offsite.

Ivory's Rock is located in a quiet, rural neighbourhood. Please respect our neighbours.

  • Drive slowly on Mt Flinders Road (60 km zone). Local residents walk, cycle and horse-ride along here.
  • Do not trespass on neighbouring properties.
  • Please respect neighbours’ privacy.
  • Do not camp in public spaces.
  • Do not litter. This includes not dumping waste from motorhomes on roadsides.

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