There will be a variety of retail shops and food stores in the Pavilion.  You will also find the Medical centre, Grocery store, ATM and the Ticketing and Information Booths.  Presentations, Live Music and more all happen in the Pavilion!
Please note: Some vendors only take cash. To avoid a queue at the ATM and Bank, we advise you to exchange money at the airport before you arrive at Amaroo.
Information Booth - includes Lost and Found - Shop 29
Ticket Booth - open Sunday 4 Sept 11am - 8pm - Monday 9am until the event - Shop 28
Medical Centre - Shop 26 & 27
Bank - ATM  - Shop 24

Where to eat

The Green Falafel  - Healthy, Hummus, pita - Shop 3
Jaipur Palace - Indian Food - Shop 4 & 5
Teppenyaki Noodles  -  Japanese Food - Shop 6
Hi Class Burgers - Fish & Chips, Burgers  - Shop 7
Yes Way Jose - Healthy Sth American Food  - Shop 8
Kombucha Cafe - Gluten Free, Healthy options - Shop 9
Bar - wine and beer  - Shop 10
Grocery Store  - Soups, Salad, Fruit & Vegetables, GF, Organic & Vegan - Shop 12


Travelling Lite -  Hand dyed & hand made clothes from New Zealand - Shop 19
TimelessToday Gift Shop  -  Gifts, T-shirts, Peace Banners, totes & more -  Shop 22
Intelligent Existence  -  Special gifts & Prem Rawat's book 'Hear Yourself'  - Shop 23
Amaroo General Store & Music Store - Useful items campers might need - Shop 20
Massage  - Shop 14


The Giving Books  - Shop 1
TPRF & Peace Education Program  - Schedule of activities in Blue drop down below - Shop 25
Human Resources  - Shop 13
Ivory's Rock Foundation Sponsorship  - Shop 15
TimelessToday Help Desk -  Bring your queries about using the TT App and Website   - Shop 21

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) will be offering some fun new opportunities to get the latest information about its initiatives, get involved, and meet volunteers from around the world.

On several days the TPRF Shop 25 in the pavilion will host panel discussions during the midday breaks, each featuring a range of Peace Education Program volunteers sharing perspectives and success stories across different countries and settings:

  • Monday: What’s working with the Peace Education Program in corrections, with facilitators from four continents and information on documentary screenings and conferences.
  • Tuesday: What’s working with the Peace Education Program for youth, with international presenters speaking about helping at-risk youth and the new course for high school and university students.
  • Thursday: What’s working with the Peace Education Program as a resource for building strong communities around the world, including mental wellness and refugees, with speakers from four continents.
The latest schedule will be posted at Shop 25 if anything changes.  During the evenings the shop will also host a variety of video screenings further highlighting the profound impact of the program and other initiatives.
TPRF will also host a photo booth in the pavilion outside of Shop 11 throughout the week where you will be welcome to have your picture taken, giving you complimentary digital and printed copies to bring home with you as a special memento of your time here!
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