“I enjoyed myself so much! It was the perfect place to be to relax, focus and learn what Prem Rawat wanted to share with us. No distractions, so comfortable and quiet.” Amaroo Guest

Thank you for choosing Amaroo!

All that Amaroo has to offer is available when you stay on-site. Time spent not travelling to and from hotels will be time well spent. Wake to a chorus of birds and end the day with a magnificent star filled sky. You may even meet a wallaby or koala in your campground!
Treat yourself to the comfort and privacy of an air-conditioned Ensuite Cabin, and know you are significantly contributing to Amaroo. Your practical support also helps to pay for essential maintenance & everyday running costs, and makes Amaroo possible!
Thank you and see you in September!
“This was my first time in Amaroo. My experience was a once in a lifetime experience   Guest

Jacaranda Tent Specifications:

All Jacaranda Tents have 2 rooms:

The Deluxe Twin  has two single beds.

  • 2 single beds fully made up with sheets, 2 blankets, duvets and 4 pillows
  • 1 electric blanket per bed
  • 1 bedside lamp and table per person
  • 4 towels per person
  • clothes racks and 6 coat hangers per rack
  • hanging shelves
  • chairs
  • 1 powerboard with 4 outlets (please bring your own adaptors)
  • rubbish bin

The Deluxe Single has one large bed.

  • 1 bed fully made up with sheets, 2 blankets, duvet and 2 pillows
  • 1 electric blanket 
  • 1 bedside lamp and table 
  • 4 towels 
  • clothes rack with 6 coat hangers 
  • hanging shelves
  • chair
  • 1 powerboard with 4 outlets (please bring your own adaptors)
  • rubbish bin
  • Deluxe Twin
  • Deluxe Twin
  • Deluxe Tent
Jacaranda Bathroom - a dispenser is in each shower, with body wash, shampoo & conditioner

 Jacaranda Restaurant - Complimentary breakfast is available from Sun 4 to Sat 10 Sept. This year breakfast will be served by plate.  (not buffet)  Options are available for vegan, vegetarian and other dietary requirements.

  • Seasonal fruit, yoghurts, porridge, muesli and assorted cereals.
  • Eggs - boiled, poached, fried, scrambled
  • Bacon, Sausages, Savoury mince - varied or mixed daily
  • Vegan quiche, pancakes, chia pudding, tofu scramble, vegan breakfast burrito, Granola with fruit and    dairy free yoghurt.
  • Self - serve tea, coffee , juice station.

Please note: All other meals will be served in the Pavilion and Daya's Fine Dining.

There are 7 campgrounds in Sandy Creek – Blue, Grey, Green, Yellow, Brown, Orange & Purple. Please refer to the map on this website for a visual orientation.

Green, Yellow and Brown contain a mixture of single and twin accommodation.
Orange is the Ensuite Cabins Deluxe Campground.
Grey and Blue are the Swagman bring your own tent campgrounds.

Campground Community Hubs are located in the Sandy Creek Campground Storm Shelters, including Swagman. You can now enjoy a leisurely breakfast provided by food trucks and coffee carts. Tea, coffee and snacks are also available throughout the day. A noticeboard with the day’s event schedule is also available.

The bathrooms in Sandy Creek are cleverly designed to prevent long queues. 
They are configured in shower only, toilet only and all in one ensuite style bathroom options. 
All the bathrooms are provided with alcohol based hand sanitiser, which does not require the use of towels to dry your hands. 

Pioneer Single Tent

Choose from Powered and Non-Powered Tents

  • 1 single bed
  • 2 blankets, sleeping bag and 2 pillows
  • Linen pack consisting of sheets & pillow slips
  • 2 towels
  • 1 clothes rack with 6 coat-hangers
  • 1 chair
  • rubbish bin

Pioneer Twin Tent

Only Non-Powered Tents available

  • 2 single beds
  • 4 blankets, 2 sleeping bags and 2 pillows
  • Linen pack consisting of sheets and pillow slips
  • 4 towels

Please Note: Linen packs are provided for you to make your bed.

  • Pioneer Twin
  • Pioneer Twin
  • Pioneer Single
  • Pioneer Tent

Swagman – Bring your own tent

Swagman is priced to enable as many people as possible to stay onsite.

** Please be aware that for safety reasons, Swagman Tents cannot be set up in the dark. If your flight arrives in the late afternoon, you will need to stay the night in Brisbane and come to Amaroo the next day.

You will need to bring all your own tent equipment, including bedding, towels and other essential items. Don’t forget your hammer and tent pegs!

You will be provided with a 5m x 6m tent site. A maximum of 4 people are allowed per site. No campervans, caravans or other types of portable accommodation.

Each group booking will be allocated one tent site. If you wish to have your own individual tent site, please book separately and not as a member of a group.

Ensure your tent (including guy ropes etc) will comfortably fit within the 5m x 6m space provided before you pack and begin your journey to Amaroo.

Cooking or fires of any sort in the campground are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in you being asked to leave.

Ensuite Cabins

Cabins are very popular and sell out quickly. Be sure to book early.

Ensuite cabins have reverse cycle air-conditioning (heating and cooling) an ensuite bathroom with toilet, shower & sink, a desk, fridge, wardrobe, mirror, and bed-side table with drawers. Each cabin measures: Bedroom 3.11m x 2.42m. Bathroom 3.11m x 0.96m approx in size.  New - Each cabin has 1 outdoor table and chair setting.

The large single bed measures  1.14 wide x 2.00 metres long.  For single bookings only.
Guests will also be provided with:

  • Fully made up bed with sheets, 1 blanket, duvet & 2 pillows
  • 1 bedside lamp
  • 4 towels
  • 6 coat hangers
  • carpet
  • 1 powerboard with 4 outlets (please bring your own adaptors)
  • rubbish bin
  • tea making facilities

Ensuite Cabins are located in the leafy quiet surrounds of Orange Campground. Refer to the map for orientation. There are also wooden outdoor tables with bench seating.

  • Ensuite cabins
  • Ensuite cabin
  • Ensuite cabin
  • Ensuite cabin

Standard Bunkhouses

Bunkhouses are very popular. Be sure to book early.

Standard Bunkhouses are available in twin and single. They measure approximately 2.2m x 2.9m in size, with an entrance step. All the standard bunkhouses have reverse cycle air-conditioning (heating & cooling). They have different arrangements of inbuilt furniture such as drawers under the bed or in bedside tables and/or hanger cupboards. In addition to the fixed furniture, the bunkhouse will be provided with:

  • Fully made up bed with 2 blankets, duvet and 2 pillows
  • 2 towels
  • 6 coat-hangers
  • 1 chair
  • bedside lamp
  • rubbish bin
  • Tea making facilities

The Bunkhouses are located in Yellow & Green Campgrounds, within easy walking to campground bathrooms. See map.

  • Twin Standard Bunkhouses
  • Twin Standard Bunkhouse
  • Single Standard Bunkhouse
  • Standard Bunkhouse
  • Standard Bunkhouse
At the time of these photos, bed linen was improvised. Bedding & contents will be as listed.

Motorhome Spaces

Powered Motorhome Spaces sell out quickly. Be sure to book early.

Motorhome Spaces are available to bring in your own motorhome, or caravan.   Amaroo does not provide the motorhomes.

Only some motorhome spaces are powered. You can request your motorhome to be serviced by Ivory's Rock,  which includes the removal of sewage & replenishment of water. You will be informed of the cost at the time.

Important: For the safety of all guests, your motorhome cannot be moved until the end of your stay (no earlier than Saturday 10 Sept).

Powered Spaces are provided in Green, Yellow, Brown and Orange campgrounds.  Unpowered sites will be in purple. Please refer to the map for orientation.

Prices are per accomodation type for 7 days (Not per Person)
All payments are in Australian Dollars and include 10% GST.

Accommodation prices do not include the Conference Fee. 

Early Bird ends at midnight July 31 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).
Early Bird is not available on Bunkhouses, Cabins or Powered Motorhome Spaces.

Per Tent - 7 nightsEarly Bird $AUDRegular price $AUD
Jacaranda Campgrounds - includes Breakfast
Deluxe Powered Tent - Single$2950$3245
Deluxe Powered Tent - Twin$3530$3883
Motorhome Powered Space - 2 People$2495$2495
Sandy Creek Campgrounds
Pioneer Unpowered Tent - Single$1590$1749
Pioneer Unpowered Tent - Twin$2290$2519
Pioneer Powered Tent - Single$1850$2035
Standard Bunkhouse - Single$2355$2355
Standard bunkhouse - Twin$3680$3680
Ensuite Orange Cabin - Single only$3380$3380
Motor Home Spaces
Motorhome Powered Space - 1 Person$1580$1580
Motorhome Powered Space - 2 People$2150$2150
Motorhome Powered Space - 3 People$3225$3225
Motorhome Powered Space - 4 People$4300$4300
Motorhome Non-Powered Space - 1 Person$1220$1342
Motorhome Non-Powered Space - 2 Person$1850$2035
Swagman BYO Tent
Swagman - 1 person$325$357
Swagman - 2 people$595$654
Swagman - 3 people$892$981
Swagman - 4 people$1189$1308

Please Note: If you are sharing an accommodation, one person needs to make the booking for the whole group using one credit card.

Twin options provide 2 single beds. Bookings for Twin options must have two people.

Motorhome Space bookings are for 1 to 4 people, depending on the capacity of the motorhome. They may be booked under the Jacaranda and Sandy Creek campground options.

Swagman Campsite bookings are for 1 to 4 people per tent site.

* If you are sharing an accommodation, one person needs to make the booking for everyone in your group, using one credit card.



Guests staying onsite are welcome to arrive from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 Sept. It is recommended that you be onsite from Sunday evening.

Transfer coaches from Brisbane Airport may arrive outside of these hours. Unfortunately if you arrive after 5.00pm you will not be able to stay onsite that night.

Private Vehicles – Jacaranda and Sandy Creek Campgrounds

When you arrive please park your vehicle in the carpark. Use your Smart Card to enter via the turnstiles and board the free shuttle bus. You and your luggage will be taken directly to your campground.

Private Vehicles – Swagman

Signs will direct you to the Swagman entrance. All occupants of your vehicle will need to show their Smart Cards and proof of registration. The driver’s Smart Card will be held by the hired security guard.

Your vehicle may then enter the campground, where you can unload all your camping equipment and luggage. You must then return the vehicle to the car park before 5pm, at which time the driver’s Smart Card will be returned.

Motorhome Spaces

Please indicate the arrival date and time of your motorhome when you make your booking. Otherwise, it may be subject to lengthy delays on arrival.  Motorhomes can arrive onsite from Saturday 3 September.

When you or your delivery agent arrive, please follow the signs and drive directly to the delivery centre where you will be given instructions on how to proceed. Whoever is driving the vehicle will need to have your details (name and smart card number).

Once parked at your space, your motorhome cannot be moved until the morning of Saturday 10 Sept. For safety reasons, motorhomes are not permitted to depart on the evening of the final event.


The site will close to guests at 3:00pm on Saturday 10 Sept.

Return Airport Transfers

Please check the Transport page for more information in the blue drop downs at the bottom of the page.

Motorhome Spaces

Your motorhome will be able to depart between the hours of 8:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday 10 Sept.

For safety reasons, motorhomes will not be able to depart on the evening of the final event.

Private Vehicles – Swagman

You will be able to depart between the hours of 8:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday 10 Sept. You may bring your vehicle into the campground to load your camping equipment and luggage and then depart by the same route.

For safety reasons, there will be no private vehicle access on the evening of the final event.

Please contact Travel Bestway to book with discounted prices on Hotels and Apartments, as well as air travel.

In Brisbane:
Marriott Courtyard Hotel
Flynn apartments
Quest River Park Central Apartments

In Springfield:
Quest Springfield Central

Ipswich Hotels
Now booked out

Transport to and from Hotels

Daily coaches are available for guests to the Amaroo event operating from Ipswich and Brisbane. Please book your coaches when you register for the event.

More information on coaches here.

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