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We are delighted to announce that Prem Rawat will be speaking at a five-day event at Ivory’s Rock Conventions and Events Centre (Amaroo) in Queensland, Australia, from Monday September 11th to Friday September 15th, 2017.

This event will be the start of the celebrations for Prem Rawat’s 60th birthday year and during the event there will be special birthday celebrations.
All those who have learned the techniques of Knowledge are welcome to attend.



Ivory’s Rock Conventions and Events
Mt Flinders Road
Peak Crossing
Queensland 4306


                                   “Be in sync with your heart.”

                                              ~ Prem Rawat


Staying Onsite

Staying onsite can give you an immersive experience of the event and the chance to appreciate the beautiful, natural surrounds and wildlife. The peaceful environment provides a unique opportunity to unwind and relax. With surprise celebrations being planned, this year is the best for staying onsite to be close to the action! Information about onsite Accommodation options are on the Accomodations page.

Offsite Accomodation

Hotel and apartment accommodation in Ipswich and Brisbane have been reserved specifically for this event. This accommodation can be booked on the Hotels page.

Translation Assistance

If you need assistance with the registration process in your language, there are Information Lines in many countries that will be able to assist you:
More Information at WOPG (under Information Lines)


Most overseas visitors need a visa to gain entry to Australia. Please make sure you obtain the correct visa.
If you need a support letter for your visa, go to the
Visa Letter Application section on the Helpdesk page.

This event is hosted by Ivory’s Rock Foundation (IRF)