Staying Onsite

This year Amaroo will be abuzz celebrating Prem Rawat’s 60th birthday year. This event starts off of a year of rejoicing and you can be part of it!  Expect some fun surprises in the Pavilion, more variety and delicious food choices, cool bar hang out space and the chance to enjoy all we love about Amaroo. Stay onsite this year and be immersed in the celebrations and sheer joy. This year there will be Community Hubs at the campgrounds where guests can enjoy a leisurely breakfast provided by food trucks and coffee carts. Tables and chairs within and near the storm shelters provide a relaxing space, with tea and coffee on tap during the day, noticeboards with the latest information and hosts to help with your enquiries.

Amaroo is located in Queensland, an hour’s drive from Brisbane. The temperatures can vary dramatically from hot during the day to cold at night. By booking to stay onsite, you are confirming that your health and fitness levels can cope with the demanding terrain and climate, without additional resources or assistance. Please check with your Health Care Professional.

If your health or fitness is deemed a risk to your health during your stay, IRCE management reserves the right to transfer you to a hotel at your own expense.

Getting around the site is mostly on foot. Shuttle buses run from Reception to Jacaranda Campgrounds and to the Pavilion. An amphitheatre bus is available from the Pavilion to the Amphitheatre for events.


Accommodation Pricing

This year the accommodation pricing does NOT include the entry fee.  The entry fee is paid separately when you register, then you pay separately for accommodation. Please be aware that all onsite accommodation pricing, apart from Swagman, includes a significant component for the ongoing operation and support of Amaroo throughout the year. By booking at Jacaranda or Sandy Creek Campgrounds or a motorhome space, you are choosing to support the ongoing operations and development of Amaroo in a significant way. A proportion of the revenue derived from your booking will be used for this purpose. By booking at Swagman you are helping to meet the costs of the event. The revenue derived from your booking will be used for this purpose.

Your support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

All payments are by credit or debit card (VISA, Mastercard and American Express only) in Australian dollars, and include 10% GST.


Prices are per person

Type Standard Aus $
Jacaranda Campground
Glamping tent twin

2 guests/ per person (with breakfast)



Glamping tent double

2 guests / per person (with breakfast)



Deluxe Single I person (with breakfast) $3,692
 Deluxe Double and Twin – 2 guests/ per person (with breakfast) $1,909
Sandy Creek Campgrounds
Pioneer Single 1 person $1,564
Pioneer Double 2 guests/per person $   874
Single Bunkhouse 1 person (no breakfast) $3,096
Motor Home Site 1st person $1,172
Motor Home Site 2nd person added $   942
Motor Home Site each additional person 3,4,5,6 per person $   597


Swagman per person (max 4 people) $   299